About us

At Nedderman Industrial, we perform not only bid, negotiated, and Construction Manager at Risk work but also Design/Build work.  In all instances, we bring highly qualified, experienced personnel to the project.  With two in-house structural Professional Engineers and a host of professional engineering relationships at our finger tips, Design/Build structural repair has long been a specialty of ours.



Earn the opportunity for repeat business and referral to others.



We are a service business.  To provide quality products, we must have mutual respect among all participants in the design and contruction process.



Quality service is not achieved only with a quality attitude.



We team with design consultants of multiple disciplines and are very comfortable providing design-build services.  If you generate in-house construction documents, we can help your professionals with budget scope and pre-construction schedules.


Working in industrial clean room environments allows us to approach problems from the manufacturer's point of view, not the normal GC method.


Manufacturers require a unique set of problem-solving abilities.  We are prepared for such because we recruit many of our superintendents and project managers from the manufacturing arena.