A new direction

Bell Helicopter H-1 Test Cell
Bell Helicopter H-1 Test Cell

After seven years as the Indefinite Delivery Indefinite Quantity general contractor at Bell Helicopter in the DFW area, we have decided to offer similar services to other manufacturing operations who know the value of a staff that understands the unique relationship a manufacturer must have with its on-site general contractor.


We pride ourselves on being able to react in minutes, not days, to your needs. 


We invite you to contact the folks at Bell to hear about what we do for them.

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Viper Foundation

The Viper foundation is an 80x22x2 foot deep concrete foundation, constructed inside an industrial clean room. Because this location would not allow the use of fossil fuel excavating equipment, the entire foundation was hand dug by Nedderman crews. The bolted steel beam splices were located to allow concrete reinforced steel to be placed exactly one foot on centers. The beams are level within 1/8 inch. 

Mori Seiki Foundation I

Phase one consisted of removing existing flooring and foundations. The foundation was cut up into large blocks and removed using propane forklifts. A designed exhaust system allowed the use of conventional excavation equipment. The 150 cubic yard foundation has 100 cored holes to prepare for equipment anchors. Ten days after the concrete was placed and tested, a specially designed concrete mix allowed the slab to be coated with an epoxy.


Mori Seiki Foundation II

A 350 cubic yard concrete foundation was installed to support a new Mori Seiki Milling machine. The 30 by 80 by 4 food deep foundation was recessed an additional five feet below grade to make the overall depth nine feet. Many unforeseen obstructions were encountered along the way, such as an abandoned floor drain system of 12" pipe. The use of diesel excavation equipment required a new roof mounted fan unit that was capable of an air exchange six times a minute.